Captivates his audiences with his passion for excellence with wit, insight and warmth. Shares his journey through suffering and the near tragic consequences of his hospitalization. Ties compassion-centered care to patient satisfaction, clinical excellence, and the bottom line.
Praise For

Nearly $1 billion in payments to hospitals over the next year will be based in part on patient satisfaction, determined by a 27-question government survey.

“I don’t know anybody in my field who isn’t totally preoccupied with it.”

John M. Haupert, FACHE, CEO Grady Health

Luann Wilkerson

"It was clear to me that your story and your expertise in providing quality service provided the stimulus that we needed to start to think creatively about making the good into great. Thank you so much for sharing your life with us. What an amazing gift you are giving."

Luann Wilkerson, Vice Chancellor, UCLA Medical School

Jennifer Raynor

"I hope you realize how powerful your story is, and how much you convey human emotion and spirit in your presentation."

Jennifer Raynor, RPh, MSM, MHA

Jacky Schultz

"Lee, your words were powerful, well spoken. No question you brought us 'back to purpose' and for that I thank you."

Jacky Schultz, R.N., Exec. VP, COO

Bob Rothstein, M.D.

"Every physician and medical student should hear Lee's story and listen to what he tells us. His message is critical to improving patient outcomes and the financial health of a hospital."

Bob Rothstein, M.D. VP Medical Affairs, Johns Hopkins Medicine/Suburban Hospital

Presentations in The Series

The Heart of Healing: A Return to Purpose

Why compassionate care can be a matter of life and death for patients; survival for hospitals and healthcare providers.  Core Takeaway…  Irrefutable evidence that more compassionate is a crucial component of patient care and engagement with family and care givers, is the primary driver patient satisfaction, and has direct impact on the bottom line.


A Top 10 List of What Patients Really Want!

The leading cause of unsatisfactory patient satisfaction is misunderstanding what patients really want…what drives their sense of trust and positive relationships with providers and institutions.  Core Takeaway…  An in-depth analysis of the key drivers of patient satisfaction and strategies for assessing and putting them into action.


The Language of Caring: How to Ensure Patients Know You Care

This keynote supplies the essential verbal and non-verbal communication skills necessary to communicate the depth of compassion innately felt by medical professionals and all members of the clinical team and support staff.  Core Takeaway… Specific techniques for improving communication skills that foster closer, more therapeutic relationships with patients, families, colleagues, and co-workers.


Going From Burned Out to Brilliance

Burnout is all too common for providers, staff and caregivers for a wide variety of thoroughly understandable reasons in our hyper-pressurized healthcare environment.  Core Takeaway…  Skills for nurturing self-compassionate behaviors and practices that reduce stress, decrease frustration, encourage positive problem-solving, and help return us to personal and processional well being.