We are healthcare and business executives passionate about helping healthcare delivery systems become extraordinary through an unyielding focus on compassion.

Lee Tomlinson

Lee Tomlinson

Keynote Speaker
Producer, Author
Customer Service

A world-class speaker and customer service expert, delivers the powerful message that compassion is at the heart of healthcare delivery. Draws on years of experience as a business builder and executive to frame his insights into the human needs of patients and providers alike.

Our Story

Lee is a C-level exec, acknowledged customer service expert, and life-long patient.  During his varied career, Lee has owned a famous Hollywood studio, built another, raised tens of millions of dollars for a national charity and produced a decade long series of network TV Specials for CBS.  He has, following a recent battle with Stage 3 cancer, devoted his life to encouraging healthcare professionals to provide even better, more compassionate care to all of their patients, all of the time.

John is a C-level executive with 40 years experience in the healthcare industry, that include directing hospital corporate communications, founding and building a biotechnology company, consulting globally in big pharma, managing and building medical practices and writing/producing self-instructional teaching media for medical education. John understands healthcare delivery at all levels and from all angles, and has had many profound personal experiences from managing institutional crises to facing near fatal post-op complications in the same hospital. It was then he learned that in spite of his years in healthcare, he really had no idea of the true suffering of patients and the miracles of moments of compassion. He came to understand the patient experiences behind the years of satisfaction surveys he had directed. And, he came to fully realize the direct line connecting empathy and dignity to the bottom line. John is a seasoned speaker, consultant, writer and trainer, but above all he is passionate about sharing his perspectives on what he calls, “compassion within chaos.”

John and Lee were introduced in early 2014 by John’s wife Beth. Beth brought them together after she attended a Leadership Retreat at Suburban Johns Hopkins Hospital in Maryland where Lee was the Keynote speaker. It was clear from their first conversation, Lee in Los Angeles, and John in Maryland, that they both shared a deep and abiding passion for compassion. And, to devoting their lives to trying to inspire health care professionals to “up their games” when it comes to compassionate care not to get them to feel it, but to feel it and effectively express it MORE than they do presently. And, thusly was the Center for MORE Compassionate Care born.

John Davidson

John Davidson

Keynote Speaker
Healthcare Operations
Medical Education

A healthcare corporate communications professional, biotech entrepreneur, strategic and business planner and medical education media producer, John brings more than 40 years of professional experience and personal passion for improving the patient experience.


Steven Keleman

Process Improvement, Organizational Change, Team Development 

Solid track record of improving performance.  More than 30 years of experience in organizational development, training, and strategic planning execution both within organizations and as a consultant.  Steve has extensive experience in leadership development, group facilitation, and business process improvement.