Over a lifetime filled with too frequent medical interventions, a recent bout of Stage 3 throat cancer, and a great deal of study, I have concluded the following. That the “way” a medical professional interacts with a patient while they are being treated, can either greatly aid their ability to heal or the opposite. This simple fact is supported so much so by both my experience and hard science that I have devoted the rest of my life to speaking to healthcare professionals to remind them of the utmost importance of care, compassion and comfort in the treatment of their patients.

With that said, I am starting a twice weekly blog, to be called Your Daily Dose that will outline 101 things that any medical professional, hospital or clinic can do that will make your patients feel both cared for and cared about while they are in your capable hands.

One last point, while these 101 suggestions are meant for medical professionals, I am certain that anyone running a business can take most of them and apply them to your business to good advantage.

So, without further ado, here is your first Daily Dose.

#1 — Imagine that you are a patient and treat them like you’d like to be treated.

Ok, here is your get out of jail free pass. If you truly, deeply, get this in your soul and are already acting on it, to the best of your ability, you can stop reading this blog now. The proverbial “golden-rule” is the essence of “compassion-centered care.” It’s as simple as that.

Imagine that you have cancer, a broken anything, internal bleeding or whatever. And, imagine that you were lying in the bed where you now see them. Imagine how afraid, in pain, and alone you would feel. And, then, just do for them what you wish someone would do for you if the tables were reversed.

So simple. And apparently, given the decreasingly low levels of satisfaction in today’s hospitals, challenging to provide.

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